Employment opportunities

The City of Devonport has much to offer – we have beautiful beaches, recreational activities, golf courses, good schools, great value properties, job security and nice people, and approximately a one hour flight from Melbourne. Click here to read more.

We are an international group of doctors, nurses and receptionists. Get to know us better on Facebook.

We can provide doctors with security of employment, choice of professional areas of interest (skin clinic, men's health, women's health, travel clinic, occupational health, etc) and all this with a great income commensurate with their qualifications and experience. Your earnings increase from 55 to 75 per cent, with your level of billing. We are a privately billing practice and you have the latitude of choosing a private fee, concession fee, or bulk billing as you deem appropriate.

We believe that GPs should be suitably rewarded by their patients for the valuable work that they perform, for their level of knowledge and experience. Our fee structure reflects the value of the services provided.



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